Amie Street

Amie Street
Segnaliamo qui un articolo del Sole24Ore e che parla di Amie Street, nuova risorsa per band ed artisti emergenti, con base in USA, che ha una struttura decisamente differente ed originale rispetto al solito:

“Amie Street is the most fun way to discover and buy music online because we have a social network that facilitates music discovery and because we price music right – all songs start free and rise in price the more they are purchased. Our dynamic prices allow fans to buy music without breaking the bank and they serve as a useful tool for finding great music.

We know music is social, and finding new music needs to be fun. Music discovery is best served by communication between people, so we reward fans when they recommend songs to their friends by giving them credit to buy more music. Whether you spend two minutes or two hours on Amie Street you are connected to a world of music lovers discovering new music together.

We support our artists by giving them 70% of song sales and never taking ownership of their creative work. We want all artists on Amie Street to be successful and we believe that our unique marketplace will accomplish this goal to a degree never achieved before.”



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